Another Fantastic Result for our Sellers

After 3 offers and relentless marketing and open houses, we are proud to announce the sale of 1160 Gordon Ave. This home, one of only three in Ambleside older than 20 years and less than 4000 sqft to sell for over 4 million dollars, stands as a testament to the hard work our sellers put in to maintaining their home of over 20 years!
These results are no luck, we came up with a tailored marketing plan in order to drive home the value of this home to sellers. The maintenance and care. While most buyers do not pay attention to how a home is cared for, we made a point of highlighting the amount of work that had been done to keep the home in pristine condition, as well as how much money the buyers would save buying this home. We specialize in understanding the unique characteristics and values of West Vancouver properties, particularly in the Ambleside area. Our recent accomplishment in facilitating the sale of this esteemed residence underscores our expertise in navigating the local real estate market. We are now responsible for over 15% of the sales in Ambleside this year! (*As of March 19, 2024)
Our approach was simple yet effective: Figure out our price range, find out who the buyer is, find out what they think is valuable, and demonstrate how our listing best suits their needs. We take the time to guide prospective buyers through the property, highlighting its notable attributes and emphasizing the quality craftsmanship that defined it. In a neighborhood where tradition meets modernity, we understood the significance of finding buyers who could appreciate the essence of this home.To the sellers, we extend our sincere congratulations on this noteworthy achievement. Your commitment to preserving the your family home undoubtedly played a significant role in its successful sale. And to the new owners, we welcome you to Ambleside our home.

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